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Start saying NO to these 5 things

Have you been feeling over-whelmed with life? It seems like we all have too much on our plate these days. Start saying no more often. No matter who you are, it may help to do a little negativity sweep. You can start by saying no to the following 5 things in your life.

No, No, No, No, anddd NO!

1. Toxic People

These are the people who suck the life out of you. They have a way of making you feel worse when you spend time with them. You know, that frenemy who is always trying to compete with you and never seems happy for you when things are going well for you... perfect example of a toxic person.

Toxic people generally don't listen when you talk, or value your feelings, and they always bring the drama and negativity. Cut them off. They're just too much bad and not enough good.

Unfortunately sometimes these people are your family, your boss, or a longtime friend. I'm not saying you need to cut ties with people you love or quit your job but you should create some healthy boundaries, and surround yourself with more supportive, positive people.

2. Living in the past

The past has a way of pulling you back in at any given moment, in the form of memories. There's no way of erasing our bad experiences but if an unpleasant reminder pops into your mind, I recommend shutting that shit down. You can't change the past so don't waste your time dwelling there.

That being said, past traumas wont heal themselves by ignoring them, so if we are talking about something horrific that's haunting you, you should definitely take steps to heal through a form a therapy that works for you, before moving on.

Change the topic in your head to whats happening now. What can you see, hear, smell, taste, touch right now? You are here now, in the present moment, ground yourself.

3. Worrying about the future

Preparing for the future is one thing...but remember the present moment is where the magic happens. I don't recommend throwing caution to the wind and just winging it in every situation, but worrying, that will do you no good.

Us worriers think we are preparing ourselves by trying to imagine every possible outcome, but all we are doing is creating anxiety about the situation. You have the power to manifest things into existence, so stop worrying about what could happen and start focusing on what you want to see happen, watch as the magic unfolds.

4. Counting Calories

Can I live?! Calories don't gauge how nutritious the food is, or the quality of it. The key is to strive for balance, and take everything in moderation.

Those 100 calorie snack packs are full of sugar and ingredients you cant pronounce. An avocado is one of the healthiest things you can eat and a medium one has an average of 276 calories. The focus should be on the nutritious value of our food. Eat organic as often as your wallet will allow and avoid GMO's. I try to use the dirty dozen and clean 15 guidelines.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Eat out less, use a smaller plate, cut out as much sugar as possible, and eat more vegetables. Keep it simple.

5. Glorifying Busy

We live in a world where its go go go all the time. Being busy makes us feel important. I respect the hustle, but are you taking care of yourself?

It's great to be productive and to be checking things off the to-do list, but make sure your adding things to it like taking a nap or a bubble bath, getting a massage, doing yoga, cooking yourself a healthy meal. We need to make time to recharge.

Stress creates chaos in your body and is responsible for causing all sorts of damage. Sit somewhere quiet and take 20 deep breaths, it takes less than 5 min and you need it. Trust me.

So, remember

  1. surround yourself with positive, supportive people

  2. don't waste your time dwelling in the past...

  3. or the future. The present moment is where the magic happens

  4. everything in moderation

  5. make time to recharge

It's really as easy as that. And believe me I know some things are easier said then done, but it's about the effort. Keep striving towards these little goals everyday and you will notice a shift.

I know its not ground-breaking stuff, but its the little things that make a big difference.

Baby steps.

What's your favorite thing to say NO to?

tell me in the comments below!

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댓글 2개

Wonderful post! I struggle with constantly trying to create the future that I desire for myself and my husband. Looking to the future so often DOES make it challenging to be in the moment and enjoy the present. I'd love to hear more about manifesting desires in future posts :)


Love this as a reminder! Number 5 is my Achilles heal! But I have been getting better at saying 'No' to "just one more thing" when it comes to putting chores in front of self care. :)

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