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Hi, I'm Christina.


Find me barefoot somewhere, doing yoga, and talking out loud to my dogs. 

I have a deep love for yoga and am committed to a lifelong practice of healing and transformation. I came to the yoga mat looking for relief from anxiety and depression and stumbled upon a new way of life.​ Yoga is no miracle pill, but it will empower you, strengthen you and inspire you to create positive changes in your life.



This passion is what led me to travel to Thailand in 2018, to earn my teaching certification. I knew with everything in me, it was something I needed to do.  My experiences there were eye opening and life altering

My intention is to help others find balance in life and a way to cope, on and off the mat. My heart goes out to those who feel lost, broken, and hopeless because I have used all those words to describe myself too. ​I believe everyone deserves to feel at home in their bodies, to feel at home on this earth, and to feel inspired to live their lives fully. 

​This blog is a place to share inspiration, hope, personal discoveries and random musings. ​You will find me rambling on about yoga and my thoughts on managing life in a crazy world.

Take your shoes off, light the sage, let's fight our demons.