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What you'll find on this blog

Wondering what the point of this blog is?

So am I.

The process of creating it was a long, treacherous road. To say it's been a learning curve is an understatement. Multiple times I had to step away in frustration and ask myself, is this really what you want?

Truth is, Idk. I think the current moment, yes.

Starting this blog is something I kept thinking about for the past year so I’m just going for it.

I’ve always used writing as a way to funnel my thoughts into something that kinda made sense. I find clarity in words. It's a way for me to capture the thoughts running rampant inside my head and unscramble them. I’m not saying I’m the best at it, but it's like a form of therapy for me... and I’m definitely better at it then math. I'm trying to work with my strengths here. Even if my strengths look like someone else's weaknesses.

To be honest, I’m not sure where I really plan on going with this.

It might blossom into something really wonderful or I might abandon it in a few weeks. I’m diving in to it with no real expectations.

What I do know is that recently, I feel like I have woken from a deep deep slumber. Anyone who knows me will tell you, once I'm on a roll you better just let me go.

That’s what this is.

Through yoga, I’ve found this thread of hope, and in the process I’ve been stirring up a whole lotta thoughts and ideas. I don’t know what to do with it all, so here it is: Blog.

I'll get to the point now:

What I plan to share here is bits and pieces of my journey to well-being. I expect this next year of my life to be one full of tremendous change and growth. As I prepare for my 200 hr yoga teacher training, I have a lot of reading, yoga and inner soul searching to do and that's what I plan to share here.

Anything that helps me, that I think might also help you, is going here. Expect randomness. Expect lists, yoga stuff, and natural living tips. Also expect run on sentences, and sub par grammar.

I’m not here for a grade, I’m here in hopes that the people who read my crap are the kind who get it and that they feel inspired, and empowered.

This blog is for people who simply want better for themselves.

Are you:

  • Feeling bat shit crazy?

  • Tired and overwhelmed with life?

  • Interested in natural living and healing?

You’re my kind of people. This is for you.

If you want to hear more from me, and see future posts, subscribe in the box at the bottom of the page, to get updates when new posts go up. :-)

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