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Flow with the Seasons

When you really become aware to the cycles in nature happening all around you, things change. Living your life in alignment with natures rhythm, its like seeing the world for the first time in a way that actually makes sense.

Every day I see new correlations between the natural world and my own internal universe and every day I'm discovering how I can embody the characteristics of the season in new ways. This has inspired my practice and as I grow my teaching has inevitably shifted with that.

In this post I will explain, what Seasonal Flow is and what you can expect from a class.


What is Seasonal Flow?

The cycle of the seasons also known as the wheel of the year, is a ancient calender system based on practical wisdom that you can see right outside your window. Each season provides a road-map to our lives and our yoga practice. Practicing yoga in sync with the flow of the year helps to align and balance our bodies natural rhythms and energy levels.

What Can I Expect from Class?

These are Vinyasa classes that are grouped into sessions, Each one focusing on a set sequence for a set number of weeks. The intention, pace and flow will change with the season.and work to balance our practice and our lives with consistency and routine.

Working with a set sequence allows for gauging your physical progress and growth each week, as well as finding deeper understanding and integration of the messages of the season.

Class intention and messaging each week will pull from nature, Ayurvedic wisdom, lunar cycles, holidays and astrological happenings.


Next session starts: Monday 9/19 @ 6:30 pm at Tribe Yoga Center

Drop in at any time, or sign up for the whole session. $15 per class


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