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Early Spring Messages

The Spring Equinox arrives on March 20th, officially kicking off the season for those of us in the northern hemisphere. It brings with it the messages of reawakening, rebirth, and renewal.

I find it helpful to split each season into two parts, because the energy at the beginning of a season is totally different then the energy towards the end.

If you are feeling called to live your life more in sync with nature, this post will share with you how to embrace the season of early spring.

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In early spring the earth is experiencing a rebirth...

after the dormancy of winter and so are we. Outside birds are becoming active, the ground is thawing and we are experiencing more and more warmer days. You can feel change in the air.

It’s a time for new beginnings.

Time to stretch.

Time to grow.

It's the astrological new year

Celebrating new years and making resolutions in January never sat right with me. The depth of winter is not the time for striving and running after new aspirations. Winter is not the time to push, its the time to rest, reflect and restore our energy, so that when spring is here we have the energy to grow towards the light.

Early spring is the perfect time to plant those seeds of intention. Both literally and figuratively.

Focus this time of year on expansion

Outward and upward movement. Picture yourself as a seed unfurling, opening up , pushing your way up through the layers of the earth and reaching towards the sun. It's important to remember, growth is hard and uncomfortable, so don't be too tough on yourself around this time of year.

Find balance by inviting a sense of childlike playfulness into your mind state.

The element of air ...

is associated with the season of spring. the wind, and our breath. The first thing we do when born is take a deep breath. Of course we breath all day long, but how often are you truly aware of your breath?

Go outside and take a few deep inhale and exhalations of fresh air, paying attention to the feeling of the air all round you and the air moving in and out of you. Then, notice how you feel.

On the mat: exploratory & energizing movement.

There is an accumulation of Kapha energy this time of year which can have the effect of feeling tired, heavy, slow and sluggish. To balance that we focus on movement that shakes things up, flips us over, wakes us up, invigorates…

think up-dog, revolved chair and breath of fire. Heart opening poses and detoxifying twists are another great focus for this time of year.

Off the mat: practicing Saucha

Saucha is one the yoga niyamas outlined in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and means cleanliness or purity.

This time of year is the perfect time to focus on saucha because we already associate the season with spring cleaning. A juice cleanse and decluttering of the house can be a good way to put this into action. What areas of your life need cleaning up? What inner emotional burdens or blockages need shoo-ing out?

Check out Non-Toxic Beauty Staples to clean up your beauty routine.

Check out this one: Clearing Clutter for Sanity if you need motivation to declutter your life.

Sacred symbolism

Eggs and rabbits are used as symbolism and decor to represent fertility the possibility of new beginnings. Budding trees, birds, daffodils and crocuses are also a nod to new life.

As a ritual to acknowledge the spirit of each season, craft an alter using correlating symbolic decor, and other meaningful items from nature. Take a moment each day to acknowledge it and absorb the meaning.

Aries energy...

is at play from March 20, the day of the spring equinox until April 19

Aries is the strong willed, fiery sign of the ram. Regardless of your sign, these aries traits show up for all of us around this time of year. Use this headstrong energy to take action, start new projects, take ownership over your life and feel confident in the decision to live your life that way that suits you.

My go-to for astrology insights is Forever Concious, check it out for more info on Aries Season

Walk don't run.

One of the challenges of spring is getting ahead of ourselves. With the changes and energy that spring bring some of us find our mind speeds up to which can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Don’t get swept away with all the excitement, taking on too many new projects and losing your balance. Remember if flowers bloom too early, they don't survive.

Or maybe the effects of seasonal sadness still linger and you need more time to rest and nourish in the cocoon. Wherever you are, know that's where you’re meant to be. Turn your face to the sun and let the rest fall into place. All in good time.


For more about the spring equinox and ways to celebrate it, check out this post:

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