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25 Reasons to do yoga

In case you needed a reason or 25 to do yoga today...

I'll just get straight to it:

  1. Because your stressed

  2. Because you want to feel great

  3. You’re having anxiety

  4. Your muscles feel tight or sore

  5. You’re beginning or finishing working out

  6. Because you’re about the flip the F out!

  7. You have back pain

  8. You need help with digestion

  9. To lower your blood pressure

  10. You want to find peace

  11. Because you hate running

  12. Because you love running

  13. You can’t concentrate

  14. You have depression

  15. You need a creative outlet

  16. You’ve dealt with trauma

  17. Your lifestyle isn’t working for you

  18. You want to better yourself

  19. You’re recovering from an injury

  20. You want to get in touch with your spiritual side

  21. To connect with your mind body and breath

  22. To gain strength

  23. To improve posture and balance

  24. You’re having trouble falling asleep

  25. You need to make time for you

Share this post with someone you think could use some yoga in their life.

Can you think of some more reasons why? Share them with me!

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