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10 Journal Prompts for Processing Emotions

Sometimes we know we have shit to say,

But we aren’t sure exactly what it is or how to say it. Feelings need to come out, not stay trapped inside, in order to process and move forward with our lives. This is where journaling can help us tremendously.

It’s really helpful to use writing prompts when you just need a little push in a specific direction.

Any one of these 10 prompts would be great for someone interested in journaling but unsure where to begin, OR those who but just need some fresh writing inspiration.

These prompts are designed to help release stuck emotions, find clarity, heal and uplift yourself. How well they work will depend on how deep your willing to dig.

10 Journal Prompts for Emotional Healing:

On those day when you feel lost inside your mind, take a moment, grab and pen and paper, and get started with one of these prompts to help you unravel your mess into your message.

1. How do you feel? Pour. Your. Heart. Out. Allow your thoughts to flow out onto the paper without judgement and find emotional release. Don’t hold back.

2. Letter to yourself: Write a letter to yourself as if you are your biggest fan. Write what you need to hear, speak words of love and encouragement to your self.

3. Do a written purge. This is a great prompt for a full moon, if you're into that sort of thing. This is about releasing what you no longer need to carry. What's no longer serving you?

Write: I would like to let go of __________ from my life...

Keep the list small to keep the focus concentrated. And then repeat as often as you like.

4. For inner child healing: Bring to mind a younger version of you, and write a letter to yourself at that age. What message does this younger version of you need to hear?

5. Move in the direction of self love. Make a list of all your good qualities, things you like about yourself and things your proud of yourself for. Don’t be shy.

6. Ignite that solar plexus energy, the home of our personal power and confidence by answering this: What do you feel passionate about? What do you stand for, what do you believe in? Start your sentences with bold "I AM" statements.

7. Think of a moment where you weren’t able to speak up and say what you wanted to say, whether it was a missed opportunity, a time you were silenced, or a moment where you didn't say something the way you would’ve liked to. Write down what you wish you would’ve or could’ve said in that moment. Read it back to yourself, or a trusted friend, out loud to use your voice, activating the throat chakra. the home of our self expression.

8. Creative expression. Maybe you just write one word in the center of the page. Maybe you scribble or draw doodles. It's not english class. Who said journaling had to look any specific way or include full sentances? Not me. Do you! Do what feels right!

9. What energy would you like to channel into your life? Write it down in present tense, as if it’s already yours. Where your thoughts go your energy flows, this is the law of attraction.

10. What and who are you grateful for in your life? This one's an oldie but a goodie. Sometimes you have to stick with the classics to raise your vibe. Think of gratitude as the antidote to negativity. List as many things as you can think of that you are grateful for.


I hope you discover something new about yourself and find one or all of these prompts helpful.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought, subscribe if you want to see more posts like this and please share this with anyone you think would find it helpful.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love and light.

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